Sunday, June 13, 2010


Someone hit this blog, looking for "Gerstner toolbox restoration." Interestingly, Gerstner is your best source for this; sure, their professional toolboxes are expensive, but they are selling quality and durability for that money -- and they stand behind their products. They offer an extensive array of replacement parts including felt lining, pulls, hinges, handles, locks, replacement keys and labels. This level of support is unusual for any product other than an automobile, industrial machinery or a major appliance and I think it's plain wonderful.

So, if you're out to restore your Gerstner toolchest, go the source!

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  1. Another source for vintage restoration hardware y`all might check out is WWW.MACHINISTCHEST.COM They do have some items that the OEM has since discontinued.The prices are competitive and the shipping is Free