Friday, August 13, 2010


I was browsing the Field Notes site (very nice classic pocket notebooks, and none of this famous-authors guff, either, they're like the ones you used to get down at the Farm Bureau Co-Op), and in their map of local dealers, I see there's a dot on Indianapolis.

So I scrolled down, and it's a...barber shop?

Yes, that it is, and not just any barbershop, either: Red's Barber Shop, as classic a place for you gents to get your hair cut as could be imagined. Reminds me of the ones I used to have to wait in, mornings Dad was looking after the kids and he and my baby brother were due to get the hair trimmed off the back of their neck and tops of their ears. (Dad was a Vitalis guy, thick black hair combed up and back just like a movie hero).

If you're local, or passin' through town on The Cardinal train or down from Chicago on The Hoosier State run, you might want to check Red's out.


  1. I do miss the classic barber shop! I look forward to making the trip! When a barber gets the strop out for the neck shaving you have arrived!

  2. Hot shaving cream! Ahhhhhhhh.........

    Your post got me to remembering that Dad used Butch Wax for his flattop haircut back in the day. Apparently that product is no more.

  3. There's a Fields dealer 309' from my front door. I'm going to go look at some note books.

    And my classic barber shop is a block from that.

  4. Well, I bought 'em. No graph ruled books in stock, so I settled for lined.

    I had actually planned to search for a pocket notebook today. I'd probably have ended up at Walgreen for something much less satisfying. I love serendipity.