Sunday, September 11, 2011


Having stumbled into DecoPix, I found a few peeks at the old Coca-Cola plant in Indianapolis (or what purports to be -- the caption says "Indianapolis" but some of the links say "Cincinnati." Heads, race cars; tails, unique chili. Call it!).

We did have a nifty Deco soft-drink building and at least part of it is still around. The city had its very own architectural terra-cotta company, so it's no surprise a lot of the Art Deco and Moderne facades left here are of that type. (The old Stokely-Van Camp building is a particular gem).

...But there are some interiors to reckon with, as well. I've got to go see this barber shop in Circle Tower. (Which is itself a stunning Deco wedding cake on Monument Circle).


  1. I think the DecoPix site is confusing, or perhaps confused. There are beautiful Art Deco Coca Cola plants in both Indy and Cincinnati. My photos, to which you linked, are of the Indy building. The mural, for instance, is Cincinnati.

  2. I went to a seminar a couple of years ago in the Roanoke Higher Education Center, a wonderful old art deco building in Roanoke. The best part is that they had gone through and restored and modernized the whole thing but managed to keep the art deco feel even with the new fixtures and decorations, although though some of the classroom areas went for an almost completely modern look.

    I took pictures with my phone, but none of them turned out well.

  3. VisualLingual: I was certainly wondering where that mural could possibly be in the Indianapolis facility! I was very happy to find your photos, the best I've seen of the Mass. Ave Coke building.

    DecoPix does have a blue million images, so I can't be too harsh if they cross up a caption or two.

    Jake, that's a wonderful building! I'm glad to see it being used. From the pictures, it does look like the trod carefully while still updating it. We can't save 'em all but it's nice when they're refurbished without being ruined.

  4. I have that same Pelikan in several colors-great pen. I really love that Pelikans have interchangeable nibs, as I have certainly damaged nibs over the past 40 years. Thanks for sharing! Richard in Texas

  5. ipl harding street was e w stout has some amazing internal stuff. the outside of the old building housing units 1-4 is very neat. they used to give tours but i don't think that happens anymore.