Saturday, September 15, 2012


It was inevitable; about as soon as I learned Rideable Bicycle Replicas offered an affordable mini-highweel bicycle, I was determined to own one. It arrived last Thursday.

At this writing I have put a couple of miles on it -- also larger grips and a slightly taller and longer seat -- and I can assure you that it's about as much fun as I've had with a bicycle in some years. There is a definite learning curve; it handles very differently to a modern safety bicycle. But given the 28" front wheel, it doesn't offer the same risks to a new rider as a full-sized "ordinary" bicycle, with a wheel diameter of 38" or more. $189 well spent! (N.B., roll up those dungarees! I only had to catch a bearing-clamp bolt once to figure that out. )

...Rode up to the bicycle store in downtown Broad Ripple, where they were holding a charity event, and learned from another shopper that there was a vintage bicycle show in a nearby town today. Too late to attend today, but I'm realizing this can only lead to membership in The Wheelmen...and eventually a larger pennyfarthing. (Tamara K rode along and observed, "You can't be a wallflower on a bike like that." It does gather attention -- and a lot of questions.)


  1. Do I see period style riding clothing in the future? That is a mighty stylish ride!

  2. Sooooooooo.......

    Would this be a farthing-elim then?


  3. Shouldn't you make this your new blog profile photo?

    That's great!

    Shootin' Buddy

  4. It seems like coasting would be awkward.

  5. One does not so much coast, ever. On the larger pennyfarthings, one puts one's legs over the handlebars! This is safer in case of a sudden overset, as well; otherwise, you are contrained to make like a sea captain, and go down with your vehicle.