Sunday, August 9, 2009


The item on the right, that is:What is it? It's a National SW-3 receiver. Not entirely working at present but it is all there. A classic bit of ham radio technology.

On the left, my Ten-Tec Scout transceiver, which is becoming an antique, too. Ten-Tec stopped making them awhile back. Like the SW-3 (and the upscale HRO), it uses plug-in coils to change bands, perhaps the last use of this very old technique in commercial radio equipment.


  1. Saw the title and thought "New? In Roberta's shack? Ha!"

    Missed the Ham Fest yesterday. Guess I'll live, but I was embarrassed when I finally logged on and saw the reminder from Ouchlook Calendar.

  2. I haven't seen one of those in a long time. Though I wasn't a ham myself, I knew quite a few growing up. Most of my early electronics experience was in audio stuff.

  3. You are going to need more shelves. :-)

    Cool stuff.

  4. Nice SW-3! They are great little radios. Rig up a power supply and take it for a spin! I think you will be impressed with what three little toobs can do.

  5. Nice. Actually, droolworthy. I'm just in the process of prepping for my Technician class. Rigs like this are among the biggest reasons I want to go for a General ASAP.

  6. Go for it! --The testing process is remarkably straightforward these days; when I upgraded most recently, I didn't even have my current license with me, only one with my previous address. No problem.

    There are practice tests online, including the AA9PW ones linked here (in the right-hand column). I recommend them. It's a quick way for find out what you need to work on and when you're ready to take the test.