Saturday, October 3, 2009


The Edison, an amazing-looking bar in Los Angeles, has a website. It's in what was an early private electrical generating plant. (And it has a dress code requiring customers to, at least, dress up a bit -- T-shirts, sandals and athletic shoes being Right Out). It's something of a steampunk speakeasy.


  1. Now THAT looks like an interesting place to visit! I'm a long way from LA, and I'll probably never get out that way, but just judging by the website it looks like The Edison would definitely be on my list of places to check out should the opportunity arise.

  2. That just looks so darn cool. Too bad it's all the way in L.A. I'm surprised the artsy fartsy types in the Ripple, or even Chicago, haven't made something like this by now. You'd think steampunk would be close to that breakthrough where a steampunk night club would be a go.

  3. Looks like a place I'd love to check out, if I was in that part of the country - of course, I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than go to Kalifornia. They should open one in a free state somewhere.

    I made the mistake of looking at the menu. The prices are a bit, shall we say, steep.

  4. It kind of reminds me of the good old days when folks had to be decent to get in a club or bar. I'd love to check it out but I make it a policy not to visit nor travel through Communist states.


  5. Why do I feel the need to go buy a tuxedo? I am willing to wager the lovely Roberta already has a pair of shoes in mind, should she ever have occasion to visit.

    M'dear, if circumstances were allow to that ever come to pass, I would be honored to be your escort, if that would be your pleasure.

    Maybe by then it might be possible to CCW there. One can dream.

    The local powers that be were looking for ideas with what to do with a 100-year old power plant. I hope they have seen this place.