Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A sticker for your "beater" typewriter?
The pen: mightier than the sword. The typewriter: more powerful than the pen. Q.E.D.
(Image links to a larger version which you may use it at will).


  1. Inspired by Woody Guthrie, my Triumph sports the label, "This Machine Kills Fascists".

  2. "A beater typewriter?" Shirley Eugeste, my good lady!

  3. Just like a "beater" car, Sam -- worn but working, nothing rare or wonderful, just something you don't feel bad about using at the beach or in the deepest, darkest depths of Unexplored Starbuck's. Except you couldn't take a beater *car* to the latter, I guess. Actually, you could, but it would make a mess and they wouldn't serve you any coffee. Unless it was a realllly small car and even then it's iffy.

    At work, my peers and I have for years threatened to lock up the Engineering toolroom and leave a set of "beaters" hanging on the locked door for the benefit of News photogs and Random J. Coworkers who "borrow" the good tools.

  4. PS: as Leonard Wibberley wrote of the pen and the sword, the pen is mightier but the sword is louder and faster at any given point in time. He's right, and it could be argued that one advantage a typewriter has over a pen is if writing doesn't get the job done, the machine can serve as shield, club or projectile if absolutely necessary; but it's best avoided. Given the wide range of books urging people to do bad things, I view this sticker as being more of a promise than a threat.

  5. Olivander, your comment prompted me to go look up the details of T. E. Lawrence's untimely death (though I wouldn't define him as a fascist). Wasn't a Triumph that got him; it was Brough Superior SS11. *Then* I remembered Triumph made typewriters, too. >Blush<

    My sticker's a riff on Woody Guthrie's.