Monday, December 21, 2009


Goggles: more than a fashion accessory.What reminded me was drilling into a concrete-block pillar in my basement to set anchors so I could mount the board that holds my steel "hotel" telephone. The chips do fly!

Look for an update soon as I have something more photogenic than a couple of 1x2 pine battens installed.


  1. In your position as the retrotechnologist, you may appreciate this bit of technology that stretches considerably further back in history than 1937!

  2. Love those old WPA posters. I can only account for the dookie colours by thinking this was before the Oops piles of paints at Home Despot or Lowe's. They always look like those unfortunate colours that weren't quite what you had in mind, and the old wtf spirit of use it anyway. Needs must. This blog is gorgeous, btw. Love the typewriter font.

  3. Phlegmmie: Thank you! ...Yeah, I'm not sure what they were thinking with the palette for that poster. Perhaps it faded?

    Danno: I did like it -- very neat!