Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I suppose you could argue it's not a gift, as it replaces most of the content in the Spring number of The Indiana Historical Radio Society Bulletin. It was nevertheless wholly unexpected and quite delightful:It's a crystal set, sent out to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of this fine organization.

Like (I suspect) most members, I took mine to the radio room immediately and hooked it up. It works just fine; one tunes it by fanning out the hank of wire into a section of a torus; a full half-donut hits near the upper end of the broadcast band and a few degrees in from there finds WNDE (1260 kc/s), clear as a bell and plenty loud.

This nicely-framed xtal set is a variation on the "postcard crystal radio" of days gone by, a little bit of the past brought forward.


  1. I remember those little crystal earpieces came with the old RS 150-in-1 electronics kits.

  2. http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/catalogs/1977/

    Old memories.

  3. I joined the IHRS and got my radio today! May 14. I have been playing with the basic components since I first read your article. The 'hank of wire tuning is unsatisfactory. Much better than nothing. But nothing can match the satisfaction of tunung in a local station on a simple radio like this.