Saturday, February 2, 2013


     It really existed; in fact, it was part of the appliance package for the higher-end models of all-metal Lustron homes: the Thor Automagic Clothing and Dish Washer!

     Even though you changed out the entire wash basket to swap from washing clothing to washing dishes, a lot of people just couldn't feel comfortable about cleaning dungarees and dinner plates in the same machine.  It wasn't a success.

     Sadly, under new ownership the company tried a comeback early in this century with a slick ventless all-in-the-same-drum washer/dryer and that doesn't appear to have worked, either.  The company website is gone and their last official Tweet was in 2010.


  1. I cannot read this post without seeing this cartoon.

  2. Roberta, this week's ARRL Letter says the 2013 Field Day packets are available. Better hurry and grab 'em to avoid that last minute server overload in June :-) Of course we all know that as soon as you download them they will change.

    73, Jim

  3. There's a Lustron within walking distance of my house. Also, my Grandmother's house was next door to a Lustron. The washers most certainly did not work.