Sunday, February 17, 2013


     Yes, there's a new one: Chinese kit-maker YouKits offers their TT1A two-tube transmitter kit for US$129, less power transformer, HV rectifier and filter (though they supply all the info to build the B+ supply).

     It's a nice-looking little kit, with a tube lineup that appears to be close to 6C4 - 6AQ5.  The instruction manual is very clear, which solves the main concern of internationally-marketed kits.  Have no fear, YouKits has found someone bilingual in Ham.

     They also offer more-modern kits and an impressive antenna analyzer that is also sold in the U.S. by Ten-Tec.


  1. Aww, Durham Radio in Toronto is a YouKits dealer but they don't carry the tube TX kit.

    You know you live in the boondocks when your nearest ham radio store is in another country.

  2. those look pretty neat. I have my eye on that antenna analyzer too.

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  4. You know those buttons on everybody's web sites that are marked Twitter, Google+, and Facebook? I want a row of buttons for spam comments marked Rock Salt, Buckshot, and Rottweiler.

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful dream! :)

  6. Either 6aq5 or 5783 for the final. Plenty of possible choices.

    I already have enough glow in the dark radios. Henry Tempo-one,
    HW-101 and Hallicrafters HT37 are fun. Also a few receivers.

    Good winter radios.

    Your kits has a few prior radios that are interesting. For
    solid state also check CRkits For the KNQ7A, built one and
    its a good fun SSB radio.


  7. A friend of mine has the analyzer. It's nice, but man....that screen is TINY!

  8. Cheaters, my dear boy, sold at every drugstore across this great land. They are Your Friends. Especially at my age.

  9. Hmmmm....maybe I could get my Optometrist to give me some +5 correction on part of my progressives?

    I actually just got a new analyzer. I bought one of the RigExpert AA-520's. The Comet CAA-500 I have is really nice for certain things, but having what amounts to a full-on network analyzer in my hand is pretty spiffy!