Thursday, April 18, 2013


     There is progress, it's just the slow kind.  I have replaced the crystal socket with the proper one (and made an oversize washer for it to match the other ceramic sockets; it allows the retaining spring to lock in on the thin chassis metal) and installed one of the patch plates, with fuseholder.

     Here's the busy bench:

     And a better look at the underside of the chassis.  I tinned a couple more spots for soldering ground connections, too:



  1. Nice little project you have going. Are you planing to clean the chassis to it's original shiny condition? If so, how will you go about doing it? I've had good luck with "Barkeeper's Friend" which is basically oxalic acid, a white powder you mix with water to form a paste.

    Good luck with the restoration and saving this piece of history. I'll check back from time to time on you progress.

    73, de Mick - WB4LSS Bartlett, TN

  2. I'm not, as the outside of it is painted and there are a lot of places where cleaners would be trapped. I have removed the rust.