Monday, July 22, 2013


     It's a Weston D.C. Voltmeter, 125 Ohms per Volt:
     Dual-range, which is about par for bench instruments of this age (1920s through '30s) and a handy pair of ranges, too, 0-7 and 0-140 V.  Just right for checking out the 6 V "A" and 135 V (and lower) "B" batteries of a battery radio.

     I paid less than $5.00.

     Sorry about the glare, had to use the flash.

     The March '32 QST used as background is from my collection and features a nice one-tube Hartley oscillator-transmitter using a type '45 tube for the beginning ham.  You thought low-power "QRP" operation was a new thing? Good old George Grammer tells us this transmitter "...will deliver 5 or 6 Watts to the antenna," right in the QRP range.

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