Monday, October 17, 2011


Radio hams may be a little surprised to learn the paddlewheel steamer USS C. W. Morse, used by the Navy as a receiving ship in WW I, did not specialize in radiomen. Who was C. W. Morse? I don't know. A cursory websearch finds only the ship.


  1. Charles W. Morse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "Charles W. Morse
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For the anarchist, see Chuck W. Morse.
    Charles Wyman Morse (October 21, 1856 – January 12, 1933[1]) was a notorious businessman and speculator on Wall Street in the early 20th century.[2][3]"

    Quite a character. Shared a (ahem) room with Ponzi for a while.

  2. OT, but pertinent to the blog...

    Check out this guy who just commented at Marko's joint:

  3. Norman Corwin dead at 101

    Ray Bradbury credited him with getting "The Martian Chronicles" published


  4. Good Heavens, Noel -- I did not know he was still with us.

    There's a loss. He may be the best writer radio ever had.