Sunday, January 29, 2012


It appears that the Vibroplex Co., under new ownership in Knoxville, TN (and with, last I checked, a lot of repair parts and accessories back in production), has made a radical change to the nameplate.

I think it is an unfortunate change. Given the cost of replacing the dies that stamped the old nameplates, going to a printed or silkscreened label may have been inevitable, but the design is terribly plain and a bit jarring to my eye.

It is, however, a lot better than not having Vibroplex around any more.

Remember, the earliest Vibroplex keys had very plain serial-number plates instead of the ornate stamped ones we've become used to -- and, in some cases, a water-slide decal of the "bug" logo.

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  1. I wish they'd make the carrying cases again. I have one for one of my single-lever Vibrokeyers, but need another for the "new" one I just bought.