Sunday, May 12, 2013


     Wiring.  A lot of thinking, rethinking and ground points needing to be added.  Also, I really need to stock up on cloth-covered wire, the good stuff.
     Crystal oscillator, wired.  RF power amplifier, mostly wired -- tank circuit being the main thing to complete.  Modulator, partially wired.  Power supply, still to do.

     It's just about to the "install front panel and controls" point.


  1. Over the years (many years ago!) I built lots of kits. One was an Eico FM tuner, it used vacuum tubes, of course. I took the time to position every single component so it was square and/or parallel, with the leads bent at exactly 90 degrees. Except for the one wire that was supposed to be "straight & direct"; it was ruler-perfect. I about wore out the screws, removing the case to show off that work.

    Never did that again, but I did build more kits. I think one of the last was a Heathkit Weather Station. It sits about 6 feet from where I am right now, still works except for the wind speed device; the bearings froze up after a good number of years. If it wasn't for crawling up on the roof, I'd fix it. And may yet anyway.

    Love your build chronicle, am looking forward to the 'on air' report!

  2. So what is the Dayton schedule this year?

  3. Mine or the event? This coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping to get there bright and early Friday.

  4. Wow, that's pretty nice looking.