Sunday, May 19, 2013


     "Turk" Turon and I were at the Dayton Hamvention the better part of Friday and we saw about half.  It was amazing.  I passed up an early Globe transmitter -- next step smaller than the Globe King.  Shoulda, woulda--  Could not lift it.  Priced to move at $300 and in working condition.  Oh, if only!

    (I did manage a smaller/newer rig, a Heathkit DX-60, also said to be working.  We'll see.)

     Some rigs were way too big to move:
     Love that paint-job! (Here's a closer look.)
     This is the RF side; audio is the same size, with two more final-stage tubes and a nice window to enjoy them through.  Be sure to tune for minimum meltage.
     It's a Gates 1kW job, and very large for its size; but that just makes it easier to work on.  There was a Collins 20V in front of it, of which I hope to post pictures later.  Notice the bead-chain drive crossing the window?  The output tuning network is on the right side of the cabinet -- but Gates did't want all the knobs over there, that wouldn't be balanced!  So they extended it.  That means you'll be retuning a bit after start-up until cabinet temperature stabilizes: all that extra mechanical folderol carries a price.  The 20V has much the same trick, only with brass bead-chain, aluminum drive wheels and a steel cabinet, all mounted high up in a physically-smaller transmitter at the same power level, or, "Please touch up Loading adjustment once an hour until noon," as the note at one station read; they only ran the 20V one day a week and it woke slowly.

     Some hair was movingly big.
     Kristen had admirers wherever she went.

     Table of Vibroplexes.
     The new owner is just out of the shot.  Have I mentioned how good Vibroplex parts support is these days?  It is and you can thank him for it.

     Turk found a man-sized soldering copper.
     Well, more like statue-sized.  When they build the Radio Row monument in NYC, it'll be holding one of those, looking out at Lady Liberty as if wondering about asking to borrow the torch.


  1. Very cool - I have yet to make it to Dayton, it's too close to my anniversary. Last year I skipped Field Day here to go to Friedrichshafen Hamtronic.

  2. That Vibroplex display is giving me a serious case of the wants, even though I already have a Code Warrior Jr. and a 1970s vintage Standard.

  3. Never made it to Dayton when I lived back in Illinois, so doubt if I'll make it living out here.

    Nice to hear you had a good time.

    The DX-60 is a great CW rig, but pretty so-so for "AM" phone.

    My first "store bought" transmitter was a DX-60B to replace my 6C4/6L6 homebrew rig. I finally got to run a "Novice Gallon".

  4. "Please touch up Loading adjustment once an hour until noon," Love it!