Saturday, October 22, 2011

NORMAN CORWIN: 1910 - 2011

One of the best writers for radio, a man famous for, among other things, radio documentaries, passed away 18 October. Norman Corwin was 101, a man whose career hit at about the peak of radio broadcasting as family entertainment.

Although he later wrote for film and TV, as well as several plays, radio was medium in which he most excelled. The spoken word can be the slipperiest of instruments; unsupported by images, with no turning-back of pages, the listener's attention must be gripped and held -- and Corwin was unmatched at doing just that.

Much of his work survives. He will be missed.

(A tip of the hat to alert reader Noel, who brought it to my attention; I knew who Mr. Corwin was but had lost track of him, assuming his passing to have been long ago).


  1. I just finished editing his TV obit for The Big Show. I used the "Take a bow, GI!" broadcast from the end of WW2/Europe. It was very appropriate for Ghadafi's death earlier this week.

  2. Like you, I'd assumed he'd died long ago. How I wish I'd been old enough to enjoy network radio! It's tough to imagine being able to actually listen instead of having to look at something. Of course, at least we have the old ones recorded. Thanks for your tribute to this talent. Richard/Texas