Saturday, July 4, 2009


A project. Known issues: needs cleaning and the carriage-advance cord has broken, not uncommon for these machines; Corona used something organic that resembles unwaxwed linen saddle thread.But it sure is pretty!

My experience with Corona Fours is that a good example will run well. A moderately long-stroke keyboard but one that requires little effort to actuate, just about mandating the use of heavy second sheet* for those of us who tend to lead-fingeredness.

Does anyone know where to get old-style newsprint-paper second sheet? I used to buy it by the ream (canary yellow), at less than half the cost of 20-lb. white bond. Just the thing for carbons and first drafts. Now it's gone unobtanium.
* Second sheet: that's the the page behind the page you're typing on. Use it! Your typewriter's strikers will last longer and your work will look better. --Add a sheet of carbon paper in between if you're A Real Writer or, like me in my misspent youth, trying to be.


  1. I can check with a friend of a friend, who runs a print shop. He's my friend too, now that he's sold me two dozen 30 pound ingots of linotype, perfect for casting .45ACP.

  2. I realize this is an old post but was wondering if by chance this typewriter is for sale? Thanks :)

  3. Not at this time. It still needs repair (haven't found a tech who will do the job) and it matches a candlestick phone; the pair of them will both end up on my bedroom desk.