Thursday, July 9, 2009


Sounds as if it ought to be a beer, no? Or perhaps a cigar.

It's a typewriter, perhaps the smallest of the pre-WW II machines and an interesting transition: sleek, streamlined case but big, round keys:This photo doesn't give a good idea of the height: it's only 2" tall! One of the last machines to shift by moving the platen instead of the type basket, as there isn't enough vertical room to do the latter. You can't put the cover back on if the shift is locked, either.

I'm pretty sure this is the direct ancestor of their postwar "Skywriter" portable.


  1. You need to watch "Warehouse 13" on SciFi/SyFy/whatever (it's also on Hulu). Lighthearted X-Files-type stuff, with a healthy dose of steampunk -- total squeefest.

  2. It's a beer and a cigar!

    I think I had a portable in high school and college that had a platen that lifted for the capitals.

    Very pretty machine you have there!