Saturday, July 4, 2009


For one night a year, the big shore stations go back on the air! Starting 12 July at 1701 PDT -- 0001 GMT, 13 July -- KPH comes back, KSM lights up, possibly commercial stations KFS, WLO and KLB along with United States Coast Guard stations NMC, NOJ and NMN. They'll be on both HF and MF, the 400-500 kc/s range. (Frequencies are listed on the linked page). Amateur station K6KPH will be taking signal reports on 3550, 7050 and 14050 kc/s.

Anent K6KPH, the ops at MRHS add, "Professional operators will be at the key and commercial procedures will be used. But please don't hesitate to call, no matter what your code speed or experience level may be." If you've never heard, let alone worked, a commercial radiotelegraph operator, the difference between ops who've done it for a living and most amateurs, including me, is like the difference between reading a typewritten page and reading a stranger's handwriting.

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