Sunday, July 12, 2009


I'll be posting about Saturday's dinner -- tonight's too unless I hear a good reason why not -- over at the other blog, but it included corn muffins, which I make from mix. A very good mix; please note their proud announcement:

I do have one quibble; the instructions call for one (1) egg but the muffins or cornbread will hold together a lot better if you add two instead. I think it's tastier, too.

There's one more trick to try if you can -- growing up, I had a pair of ducks, Alice and Emma, (from a series of children's books the title and author of which elude me) who delivered a fresh pair of eggs each and every morning and duck eggs are the A ticket for cornbread and other hearty breads. They are richer and have a somewhat stronger flavor. It probably helped that our supply was seriously fresh, too.

(Ducks are quirky creatures. Egg-laying seemed to come as a surprise to those two. They'd raise a fuss until the eggs would get collected! Just a couple of irresponsible partygirls, I guess).


  1. Their first product was the general baking mix, which I still prefer, hands down to Bisquick.

    I didn't now that about the extra egg. Will have to try that.

  2. I use the corn muffin mix for cornbread when we have chili - 3 boxes for a 13x9 Pyrex baking dish makes for a nice thick slab o' cornbread, and the clear baking dish allows you to see when the bottom is nicely golden brown and delicious (to steal a phrase from a TV personality).

    Also didn't know about the extra egg - may have to give that a try.